Thanks for visiting my spot on the web!   Although I've owned a number of opalescent E-14Bs over the years, I started seriously collecting CD 128s just this year (2013). I was looking for an insulator style that offered a range of color that, most importantly, wouldn't break the bank. As I delved deeper into this style, I was amazed to find a pallete almost as diverse as the HG beehive.

CD 128s are often viewed on par with clear Hemi 42s -- giveaways/throwaways. True, the majority of American 128s are limited to clear or light pastels. Once you start looking outside North America though, a whole new world of amazing color and character opens up -- olive greens, deep conflowers and even irridescent green (green with bluish opalescence).

My focus for this site at the moment is straight-sided 128s, my personal favorite. I'll be posting photos of each of my pieces as time permits. Hope you enjoy!

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